Travelling with Travel Experts: The difference.

Same destination. Same travel dates.  All the same activities. So, how does the Travel Experts’ experience go beyond the itinerary?

Your travel experience is so much more than where you go and how long you stay. It even goes beyond where you stay — but don’t worry, we get that right, too.

At Travel Experts, we’re big believers in the experience. We don’t plan, we design your experience. 

Of course, the client support we provide really sets us apart — but we’ll get to that.

Travel Experts delivers an unforgettable experience, time and time again.

We’re experts in travel. It’s this expertise that becomes clear in the experiences we design. No matter the destination, we have the local knowledge to get you access to the hidden gems of any city or countryside.

Our know-how gets you the best of the best — whether for your accommodation, flights, or the activities you take on through your trip’s day-to-day. 

We develop positive relationships with our frequent flyers 

Travel Experts creates relationships with our clientele. It becomes a relationship where you keep coming back — whether you’re a very frequent flyer or it’s just your annual summer holiday. 

These relationships are the sort where when you have the thought, “Should I start planning that holiday?”

You just call your Travel Expert on their mobile phone. 

It’s a relationship that exceeds the boundaries of a typical professional relationship. We’re here for you whenever you need us.

Trips that go beyond the itinerary and exceed any expectation for a premium experience

We create trips that go beyond the itinerary. In every interaction we have with you, it’s our goal to exceed your expectations, even for a premium travel experience.

Typically, travel agents have existed to help you make travel arrangements — flights, hotels, tours, and even dining recommendations. 

Where Travel Experts Australia is different, is we’re working in the 5-star arena. With Travel Experts, you’ll receive a trip that is planned to the very detail. Every aspect of your trip will be considered. And you’ll never wait more than two days for an email response.

No matter where you are in the world, we’re only ever a phone call away

We said we’d get to this, and now we’re delivering on our promise. That’s something you can count on Travel Experts for. 

No matter the time, no matter the place. You can trust your travel agent will pick up the phone and give you the support you need.

Our travel agents take every care when we design your travel experience, but sometimes, things might go wrong. Airlines get it wrong, luggage gets lost, or accommodation goes wrong. 

It’s these scenarios where you need a travel agent you can depend on. When you’re partnering with Travel Experts Australia, all you have to do is call your agent. We’ll get it resolved.

We take on all aspects of your travel experience

As a team designing travel experiences, we take on all aspects of travel. From the typical inclusions, like your airfares, hotels, tours, and activities, to your travel insurance and transport. Then there are specialty experiences — like cruises, skiing trips, or even sporting events — perhaps the World Cup is on your bucket list.

We’re experienced across family holidays, group trips, and small business travel. If it’s something that exists in the world of travel and holidaying, then Travel Experts can help.

Ultimately, we design experiences. We’re so much more than travel agents.

“Travel agent” feels far too broad of a term for what it is we do. We’re travel designers. A team designing the experience you have while you travel. 

It’s so much more than a list of inclusions and the administration to make it work. It’s planned for from the moment you leave your home to travel to the airport. We know that a seamless and unforgettable experience is in the finer details.

With us, it’s all about those details. It’s what sets Travel Experts apart.

Let’s talk about your next trip.

Partner with a Travel Expert you can depend on.

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