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Luxury Itineraries Launch

At Travel Experts, our luxurious itineraries are finally live. What does this mean? You can book the most bespoke holiday anywhere in the world, customised to perfection. We are all about designing luxe experiences for our customers, delivering global opportunities that you won’t easily find anywhere else. 

We do this by collecting and expanding on customer feedback and journeys already experienced thanks to our services, providing bespoke and niche itineraries in line with your preferences. With the launch of our itineraries comes unparalleled customer support, customisation opportunities, and a lifetime of new memories.

The Perfect Way to Travel

Our itineraries are tried and tested travel designs that have been experienced and loved to the fullest extent by you

Designed based off of customer journeys and ongoing feedback, we have done what we can to master the art of curating bespoke travel experiences throughout the world. 

There is no better way to create memories with family or friends than embarking on the trip of an absolute lifetime.

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How The Itineraries Work

When you find the perfect adventure for yourself, your friends, or your family, you will be presented with a page that explains the ins and outs of the itinerary in question, with a map that illustrates designated points of interest. 

You will have a detailed explanation, day by day, of what’s included the activities you can embark on each day, the flights you will take internationally and domestically, hotels you can and will stay at, the sights you will see and so on. 

With the majority of our available itineraries, you do have the opportunity to extend your stay before you’re due to fly home – if you choose to. If not, you will experience a detailed explanation of your flights home, stopovers, your luggage, and what will happen in the event of any delays.

Trip Customisations

All of our itineraries have the ability to be customised in order to create the perfect holiday based on your preferences. If there is an included destination that you aren’t keen on, or you’d rather stay somewhere a little longer and sacrifice another destination on your trip for another time, it can all be done. 

These itineraries are not set in stone – they just give a general idea and provide inspiration for a similar trip that you could take, with all the guess work removed for you. We work closely with you to tweak and refine your upcoming trip, so that it’s perfectly suited to everyone involved in the adventures ahead.

Take Our Luxury Zimbabwe & Botswana Glamping Safari As An Example

  • Return Emirates flights in economy (upgrade options available)
  • 3 nights 5 star hotel in Dubai with breakfast
  • 1 night 5 star hotels in Harare with breakfast and airport transfers
  • 9 nights luxury tented safaris, all game drives and activities, all-inclusive drinks (including select alcohol) and meals
  • Regional flights and transfers between safari camps
  • 4×4 desert safari
  • All airport taxes
  • Park fees, conservation contribution
Not Included:
  • Travel insurance
  • Dubai airport transfers (optional)
  • Visas

The best thing about our luxury itineraries are their flexibility. If you fall in love with a specific location, and you want to extend the dates to spend more time there, we can absolutely do this for you. Alternatively, if you want to add to your flights home, or extend a layover, we can do this too!

There is always a reason for the number of nights and days we allocate to specific trips, and it all comes down to ensuring your time is memorable and well spent. As your luxury travel designer, we do our part to ensure your upcoming trip is the adventure of a lifetime.

Itinerary Troubleshooting

If something was to go wrong while you’re away, whether your flight gets cancelled, delayed, or something else has occurred, the important thing to note is that Travel Experts are always on standby to assist you.

We communicate with the airlines and the hotel chains, as well as event organisers to ensure smooth sailing on your behalf, so that you don’t have to stress or worry about sorting everything out on your own.

 We completely understand the hassle of things going up in the air while overseas, which is why we act as your support system.

Person looking at map | Featured image for the Launch of the Travel Experts Itineraries blog from Travel Experts

Speak to a Travel Expert Today!

Spend time among the magical atmosphere of Europe or experience the rich culture of Asia through our carefully crafted itineraries. At Travel Experts, you get to go all over the world at your own pace. 

Simply reach out to our team, and we’ll jump on a call to better understand exactly what is it is you’re looking to book. Give us a call 07 3569 3699 or reach out through our online form now and a private travel agent will be in touch.

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