We create experiences that go beyond an itinerary.

Travel Experts is exactly that, experts in all aspects of travel and its coordination. We’re your dedicated team for travel experiences that go beyond the typical itinerary.

Our Story is Nearly 20 Years in the Making.

Our Founder & Director, Stephen Green, has been in the travel industry for 20 years now. The travel industry has changed and evolved in that time — it’s not just the ability to jump online and book a flight, or the rise of budget airlines. The travel industry is constantly evolving, as are the expectations of travellers and the ways we meet their evolving needs.

A Career Built on VIP Travel Experiences

Stephen quickly climbed the ranks in the industry, progressing into management positions for a range of travel agencies across Australia and the United Kingdom, covering all kinds of trips. From family getaways and corporate trips to luxury experiences. His most notable client in these years? The royal family.

Soon enough, he’d found himself in Australia in a leadership role for Flight Centre. He’d realised there was a need for more. Some clients called for better attention to detail, they needed better, more attentive services, and with the frequency of their travels, they needed the right support, with better deals. That’s where Flight Centre’s Travel Club came into play.

It was all about looking after those VIP clients. There was no room to make mistakes, the service was quick and responsive, and it was 24/7. When these clients needed support, they got it. Then and there.

Covid-19 Brought a Halt to Travel

It was following a ski trip to Colorado that COVID-19 hit. Stephen had found himself at the gate in LAX when Scott Morrison announced that returning travellers would have to quarantine on return unless they made it back the following day. It meant Stephen was amongst the first in the country to quarantine in Brisbane, Australia.

Even worse, though, Stephen did come down with COVID-19 and was transported to ICU with breathing difficulties. It was here that he began handling an influx of his VIP clients who needed to cancel their travel plans. 100 trips were cancelled over a 12-day period, all from his bed in the ICU. It wasn’t just these trips that were cancelled, though. It was basically the end of the travel industry, at least for a little while.

Three Years Later, We’re Back

The pandemic had its impacts, and one of those was the absolutely huge amount of expertise lost in the travel industry as agents lost their jobs. Particularly in the premium travel space, where travellers need to know their agents have their back for the duration of their trips and need priority communication, these agents are paramount.

That’s what Travel Experts is at its core. Experts in all aspects of travel with the right expertise to create stand-out travel experiences — whether it’s a holiday, a business trip, or an interstate weekend away.

Our seasoned Customer Concierge, Damia brings nearly 8 years of travel industry expertise to help personalise your journey.

Balancing a bustling life as a mother of three, her passion for travel remains undiminished and she is here to make your arrangements as smooth as possible. Some of her favourite travel experiences span from Canada, America and Hawaii’s beaches to the cultural depths of Japan, Korea, Vietnam, India, and Europe.

Damia cherishes diverse memories, from serene moments on Kauai’s shores to dancing in Lake Louise’s snow. Paris holds a special place in her heart, a testament to her family ties.

You can trust Damia to weave your travel aspirations into remarkable realities.

Bespoke Travel Experiences Designed Around You.

Every client has different needs for their travel experience, and we all like to book travel differently. Whether it’s one aspect of your trip or a comprehensive experience. It’s a bespoke service where your experience is designed for you.

We’re Here When You Need Us, Genuinely.

This is a high-end service, so it should be all-encompassing. Last minute change to your trip? A new addition to the family? A serious overseas crisis? No matter the stage of your journey or the issue, we’re always here when you need us, and we’re here for years. 

Our travel designers feel fortunate that we get to watch your travel experiences grow and evolve as we get to know you. We take on that stress for you and find the solution that suits you best.

The Standards That Keep Us Accountable to You.

We Don’t Plan, We Design

We’re not just travel agents, and we’re not just here to schedule your trip. We have the right experience in travel to design a perfectly considered experience for you.

We Invest in You

You’ve invested in us and our service. We’ll do the same for you. We’re here whenever you need us, day or night and are ready to deliver an above-and-beyond service.

One-on-one Relationships

We’re your partner in travel. You’ll be partnered with just one of our travel experts, and you’ll have direct contact with them whenever you need it, just call them on their mobile.

More Than an Itinerary, More Than an Agent

Our travel designers create experiences that go beyond an itinerary. It’s an all-encompassing travel service that caters to your exact requirements, even as they grow and evolve.

Let’s talk about your next trip.

Partner with a Travel Expert you can depend on

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