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At Travel Experts, we consider ourselves bespoke travel designers, carefully curating your next adventure in line with your dreams and aspirations. We don’t just plan your trips, we craft extraordinary and unique experiences that redefine the boundaries of travel. We aren’t the typical travel agent, we are a bespoke travel agent.

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Your Experience Starts Before Your Holiday

Partnering with a travel agent and feeling like a low priority is common, and for the most part, they’re there to plan a trip, get paid, and move on to the next customer. It’s far from a luxurious experience. With a travel consultant at Travel Experts, you’re treated as a priority from the moment you contact us. 

We know how much money you invest in your private agent, and we make the most of that, being available 24/7 while you’re in the country, once you’ve left, and even when you return.

We don’t believe in a one-size-fits all approach to travel. We take the time to understand your preferences, interests, and holiday dreams to create a personalised itinerary that reflects who you are and what you want to do. Although we have pre-set itineraries for convenience, a personal travel consultant really takes the time to modify these if you want to make some changes.

We’re Here For You Around the Clock

We’re invested in your trip as much as you are and it’s that type of peace of mind, we offer our clients that keep them coming back. With Travel Experts, its receiving an amazing itinerary matched with highly responsive services, and attention to the minutest detail. The knowledge that if everything ever does go wrong, we’re working on it as soon as possible. We’ll answer your call the first time, and we will reply to your emails within minutes.

As a bespoke travel company, we’re here for the long haul, too. Our travel designers feel so fortunate that we get to watch our customers travel experience evolve as we get to know you year in and year out. A lot of our customers used us once and continued to plan their trips through Travel Experts on a regular basis. Craving that unique holiday experience? Let’s make it happen

What We Offer

Personal Cruise Consultant

Cruises are the biggest thing in Australia right now. We have the latest specials, we talk to the reps, we find out what the newest ship is like, we do ship inspections, and we travel on cruises ourselves. We have lots of cruises to choose from, and it's our job to ensure that it matches your wishes. So don't just go with the cruise line direct but entrust it to us. It won't cost you any more money, and you may even get a better deal in the process.

Hotel booking Specialist

We look for hotels because hotels are the thing you remember from a destination. We are a bespoke travel company that enjoys looking for 5-star luxury private Villas, to 4-star hotels, to business properties that are suitable for where you need to be, to guest houses in the back country lanes of Italy. We enjoy looking for unique experiences or hotels that offer character. If you want a balcony, a living area, breakfast included, flexible terms and conditions, or a suite, we’ll find it for you. Do you need a kitchen for your toddler? We’ll ensure your hotel has one. Want us to contact the hotel in advance to make sure twin beds are requested? We’ll do that for you too. We ensure that hotels are something you’ll remember, and for every one we suggest, we’ve looked at 20. We ensure that all of our recommendations are up to date with recent reviews, and we keep our ear to the ground for new and amazing properties we can share with you.

Tour Booking

There are hundreds of tour companies for us to choose from. Tours are something that you've either done or never done, and if you've done it, you understand the benefits of touring. But not every tour is the same. The size of the tour, the destinations that a tour visits, the inclusions that you get, the standard of accommodation, the types of meals you're going to do, the insider access to things, they're all different. And prices can differ wildly between tours as well. As your bespoke travel agent, it's our job to wade through that, know which tour companies will fit your personality and what you want to see. It's our job to find and talk to that tour company to ensure that the trip we're booking you on is guaranteed, right for you, and any extras or inclusions you need that aren't included in the tour, we can sort out before or after. We can customize anything. So rather than book the flights in and out, let's try and have a chat about what we can do and make the most of that time away and that time you're going to spend flying.

Travel Insurance Specialist

We work with both CoverMore and NIB. We're happy to have a chat with you and ensure that you receive 2 quotes, the right cancellation cover, discuss the different excesses, and run through any medical assessments that you may need doing. Don't hesitate to reach out to us for a more in-depth conversation.

Flights Experts

We're passionate about flights, it’s a skill long lost in the travel industry. Building multi-stop, around-the-world airfares, finding you the best deal during peak season, and selecting the right seat in the right cabin for the right price is an art that we passionately enjoy. As your personal travel consultant, we don't look for the cheapest options; we look for the best and the best for you is not the same as for someone else, but we'll work closely with you to ensure that you enjoy your trip from the moment you book until the moment you return home.

Corporate Travel

We are here to redefine corporate travel, providing you with a comfortable and stress free trip. Elevate your professional journeys with personalised itineraries, exclusive accommodation, and complete efficiency provided by a premier private travel agent.


A lot of us have done skiing holidays in different parts of the world from Europe to Japan to the US. We love it. Depending on whether you're advanced, beginner, intermediate, going as a group, you want self-catering, you want breakfast included, a choice of lessons, etc.… All of these are conversations we have on a daily basis with our suppliers and we have on-the-ground knowledge as well. We only work with people we can trust and as your personal travel consultant, we ensure that you will have a great ski experience from start to finish. Wherever it is in the world we can make it happen. We're not tied to one particular place, or one particular supplier, and we don't send everyone to the same place, but getting to the ski resort is often a challenge in itself and having somebody there to help you navigate that can be a great experience.

Group and Sporting Events

It helps to have a travel agent assisting through the whole process. When you are navigating multiple people, with multiple dates and multiple departure points, it can become overwhelming. Even when it comes to making payment. Our job is to work with the hotels, tours, flights etc to get you the best rate, get you the best terms and conditions, and invoice everyone separately so you don't need to worry about payment. We're not trying to take over the job, we just want to work with you to ensure you get the best deal. Groups are an amazing experience because you benefit from great discounts. Need access to Formula One or tennis events, we can help with that. Just reach out to us for more information.

Travel That You Don’t Have to Think About

As a bespoke travel company, we don’t plan trips, we design travel experiences. Everything we take care of is custom, working closely with you to ensure all of your needs and dreams are met to a high standard. No matter what it is you’re looking for, we book the entire experience on your behalf, with all the precise components you need included. Make it magical with Travel Experts.

Here’s Why We’re Relied on All Around the World.

We Design the Perfect Trip

Whether you know exactly where you want to go and what you want to do, or you’d like some professional guidance, we’ll create the perfect itinerary for you. We’ll collaborate to understand the kind of trip you want and create exactly that.


Our trips speak for themselves, but here’s what our clients say.

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