Spain & Portugal Luxury with Explora Journeys

21 Days – 29th September 2024 – 19th October 2024

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Embark on an unforgettable trip through the Mediterranean with a combination of independant travel and luxury cruising. Explora Journeys, envisioned by the MSC Group and the Aponte family, is not just another cruise line; it’s a revolution in luxury ocean travel. Catering to discerning travellers, Explora Journeys is about crafting enriching, respectful journeys across the sea. It’s an experience where exploration and luxury converge, redefining the traditional ocean voyage into a transformative and vibrant journey of discovery.

With their entry level suites being not only stunning in their design but also generous in their size, this trip offers you the chance to escape, explore and indulge for 11 days across these beautiful Mediterranean cities.

We chose Rome and Barcelona for this itinerary as great entry points to Europe for your flights offering lots of choice and competition on the routes. With Europe’s busy period over, exploring the cultural wonders both cities have on offer will be much easier, calmer and the perfect way to start and end this trip.

Explorer Journeys are already known for the gastronomy onboard, so why not let us book you some amazing restaurants to keep that experience going throughout the holiday.

With Explora || set for release in 2024, you will get to enjoy the comforts of a brand new ship from a brand new company that are making waves in the cruise industry.


Day 1

Overnight Flight

Begin your trip with an unforgettable experience in the worlds best business class with Qatar Airways. Enjoy world class service while indulging in exquisite cuisine and in your private Qsuite business class cabin. We can also add on a stopover on Doha if you wish to explore Qatar and break up your flights on the journey home. Of course, if you prefer another airline we can accommodate your preferences and tailor the journey to meet your specific needs.

Day 2-6

Rome, Italy

Step into the heart of Italy’s cultural marvel, Rome. A captivating blend of ancient grandeur and modern vitality awaits. Wander through the timeless ruins of the Roman Forum and the iconic Colosseum, or marvel at Michelangelo’s masterpiece, the Sistine Chapel. Delight in the flavours of authentic Italian cuisine at charming trattorias and pizzerias.

Stroll down the historic streets of Trastevere, where tradition meets the contemporary. Discover the Trevi Fountain and make a wish or admire the Pantheon’s architectural wonder. As twilight descends, experience the romantic ambiance of Roman nightlife, from bustling piazzas to intimate wine bars. In Rome, the past and present coexist in perfect harmony.

Day 6-8

Barcelona, Spain

With 2 nights before your cruise in Barcelona, the vibrant jewel of Catalonia. A city where history and innovation dance together in perfect harmony. Nestled on the north eastern coast of the Iberian Peninsula, this metropolis offers a unique blend of old-world charm and contemporary excitement.

The city’s allure extends well beyond its landmarks. It’s in the welcoming smiles of its residents, the rhythm of life that slows for siestas and late-night dinners, and the unity of tradition and progress that defines Barcelona’s spirit.

You board the ship in the afternoon and embark on true Luxury

Day 8

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Day 9

Day at Sea

Embrace the calm beauty of days at sea, offering you the perfect chance to rejuvenate and indulge in activities you love. Whether it’s a workout at the gym, a spa day, whale watching, diving into a good book, or simply basking in the sun to enhance your tan, these leisurely days on the open sea create a perfect balance to the exciting explorations on land.

Day 10

Málaga, Spain

Enjoy the most charming thing about Spain. Discover Andalusia’s treasures one step at a time to see where Picasso was born, the Alhambra in Granada, the Mezquita in Cordoba, and the Ronda valley. Visit old heritage places, learn how to dance flamenco, take a walk on the Caminito del Rey trail and visit white towns dotted with avocado and mango trees. Have drinks during the day and sangria at night. And as you watch the sun set, appreciate the amazing experience.

Day 11


The Rock of Gibraltar rises from the water like a giant fin and guards the entrance to the Mediterranean. Across the Strait of Gibraltar, the European Pillar of Hercules faces its African counterpart. From the top, the coast of Morocco shines in a smoke from the desert, and dolphins can be seen dancing below. The Rock, which is crossed by siege tunnels and UNESCO-listed caves that are hundreds of years old, has fascinated artists and people who want to conquer it over for hundreds of years. The ride to the top is quick and easy thanks to a cable car. Then, old gun sites and panoramic lookouts are watched by hordes of Barbary macaques.

Day 12

Day at Sea

Embrace the calm beauty of days at sea, offering you the perfect chance to relax and indulge in activities you love. Whether it’s a workout at the gym, a spa day, whale watching, diving into a good book, or simply basking in the sun to enhance your tan, these leisurely days on the open sea create a perfect balance to the exciting explorations on land.

Day 13

Lisbon, Portugal

Enjoy the lively atmosphere of Lisbon. Take advantage of the city’s strong links to architecture, culture, and history. Explore the cute cobblestone streets, bright buildings, the Sado River, and the endless nature. Visit hilly towns, go on a pilgrimage to Fatima, learn how to cook Portuguese food, and listen to the Lisbon blues. Get away to lovely Cascais for some peace and quiet and golden beaches. Enjoy plates of petiscos while taking in the beautiful light. Like fado, you’ll soon discover that it’s bright, warm, and very attractive.

Day 14

Portimão, Portugal

In Portimão, you can really feel what the Algarve is like: peaceful, unhurried, and very Portuguese. Enjoy beautiful mosaics, Moorish and Gothic buildings, beautiful beaches, and, of course, piles of sardines. You can drive jeeps along green cliffs and through quiet old fishing towns that spill into harbours. You can hike up to the beautiful red rocks or go to the beach and do a lot of different water sports. Enjoy long lunches of grilled sardines, tuna, and mackerel while you look around the canning market in the city of Portugal. Enjoy a glass of local red wine while watching dolphins and listening to enthusiastic locals sing.

Day 15

Tangier, Morocco

Nestled at the northern tip of Morocco, where Europe and Africa meet, Tangier is a city that exudes an air of intrigue and artistic allure. Its history as a haven for writers, artists, and free spirits is palpable in every corner. The Petit Socco, the heart of Tangier’s café culture, offers the perfect vantage point for people-watching and soaking up the city’s ambiance.

Wander through the Kasbah’s labyrinthine streets and the bustling Grand Socco, you’ll be greeted by a sensory feast of colours, from the intricately tiled facades to the painted cedarwood shutters and doorways. A must-visit is the Librairie des Colonnes, a literary gem that has stood for over six decades, where you can lose yourself in the world of classic books. Another iconic experience is sipping sweet mint tea at Café Hafa, with the sun setting over the mesmerizing Strait of Gibraltar.

Day 16

Day at Sea

Another day at sea allows you to rest, recover, recharge, whatever the feeling you wanted to capture by going on holiday, these days help you to achieve that.

Day 17

Ibiza, Spain

Experience Ibiza’s magnetic charm, with vibrant energy pulling you in. Whether by Las Salinas salt flats, enjoying paella, or finding peace in boutique shops, the island offers endless options.

Hidden gems like serene fincas and lush orchards dot the landscape. Rejuvenate at renowned spas, embrace yoga, and unwind by the sea. After sunset, enjoy world-class nightlife with top DJs.

Ibiza’s warm, laid-back vibe complements its natural beauty, attracting artists, writers, and free spirits for years.

Day 18-20

Barcelona, Spain

Your memorable cruise journey comes to an end today, you will spend your final 2 nights in beautiful Barcelona. Immerse yourself in the heart of Catalan culture, where energy meets tradition. Explore the Gothic Quarter, the birthplace of Gaudi’s captivating architecture. Indulge in fresh tapas and crisp cava at breezy plazas or serene terraces.

Venture to Passeig de Gracia to discover modernist architecture and global fashion labels. As night falls, join the vibrant nightlife at bohemian bars along La Rambla. Barcelona’s style and charm await your celebration.

Day 20

Overnight Flights home

Choose to end your trip in Barcelona or continue on. We can tailor the journey to suit you. There are many amazing places a short train ride from this European hub. If your ready to head home, then enjoy your private Qsuite with Qatar Airways with only 1 quick connection via Doha. 

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