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25 Days – 14th of June 2024 – 09th July 2024 (alternatives available)

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This trip started with an airfare and worked it’s way backwards into something beautiful. One of the issues with booking a cruise or a tour without the rest of the trip, is it’s easy to forget to take into account how you will get there, the time of year, how busy it is and whether the order makes the best sense. So we work hard to come up with itineraries that utilise natural stopover points, complement each other with the time of year and fit together seamlessly with dates. This trip below does all those things. Insight and Silversea fit great together in that Luxury space, the cruise and land touring work well together so you get a mix of exploration styles in places that need expert guidance. 

The airfare is done on a single ticket, meaning you get the most value for money and a great airline too (without overspending) in peak season. I love this airfare for the very reason that even when it’s busy, this option can bring great value to the booking. 

This trip is all about natural beauty. It is about waterfalls, fjords, rolling mountains and unique scenery found only in these places. They’re on almost everyone’s bucket list and this trip brings them together perfectly. We have chosen a specific date but it is possible to do a few other dates, or mix this itinerary with other components too.

We hope you get to experience this fantastic itinerary.

Day 1

Overnight Flight – Scandinavian Operated by Singapore Airlines

Enjoy your fully flat bed that takes you from Australia to Reykjavik via Singapore.

Day 2

Reykjavik, Iceland

Welcome to Reykjavik. You will be taken from the airport to your hotel and today you have a free day to explore before your Insight Vacations Tour Starts.

Day 3

Reykjavik, Iceland

After breakfast, enjoy some of the amazing food, bars and restaurants on offer before meeting your tour group and guide in the evening for a welcome dinner. 

Day 4

Hot Springs, Waterfalls and Vík

Embark on a MAKE TRAVEL MATTER® Experience, journeying east to explore Iceland’s newest geothermal and electric power station at Hellisheiðavirkjun. Afterwards, visit a local farm to savor their delectable homegrown tomatoes. Meet the family and delve into Icelandic horticulture and tomato cultivation.

The adventure continues with a visit to the hot springs at Geysir and the awe-inspiring Gullfoss waterfalls, often referred to as Iceland’s Niagara Falls. In the afternoon, explore the magnificent south coast waterfalls, Seljalandsfoss and Skógafoss, before heading to your hotel in Vik.


Day 5

By Glaciers and Icebergs to Höfn

Travel down Iceland’s southern coast, by black sand beaches and basalt rock formations. Continue through Skaftafell National Park to see Vatnajökull, Europe’s largest glacier. The highlight of the day will be the bright blue icebergs of Lake Jökulsárlón. This stunning backdrop has appeared in two James Bond films. Arrive in Höfn, a little harbour town with a large lobster fishing hub. Your Travel Director will then offer a brief orientation.

Tonight, dine at your hotel’s restaurant and experience more of the local cuisine.

Day 6

Eastern Fjords to Egilsstaðir

Drive through narrow fjords bordered by towering cliffs and past little fishing communities to see another side of Iceland. Learn about Papey Island, which was originally home to Gaelic monks who stayed here before the Vikings arrived. Continue to Egilsstair, a lakeside town, where you can relax in the pristine environment at Iceland’s only geothermal floating baths. Vök Baths uses the area’s natural geothermal power to provide a one-of-a-kind bathing experience with breath taking views of Lake Urriavatn. The structure of the hot springs is intended to complement the natural beauty of Iceland. 

Continue to your hotel for a complimentary dinner.

Day 7

By Desert, Lakes and Divine Waterfalls to Akureyri

Travel to the lovely Lake Mvatn and see a wide range of geological formations, including mud pools and deposits with striking colors created by concentrated geothermal activity. Continue on to the beautiful fishing village of Husavik where you can spend some time at your leisure seeing Iceland’s centre of whale watching. During whale season, consider going on an optional whale viewing excursion or checking out The Whale Walk at the Husavik Whale Museum. You can unwind or explore Akureyri at your leisure this evening.

Day 8

From the Capital of the North to Borgarnes

Enjoy a tour of Akureyri, the northern Icelandic capital that was first founded as a commercial hub in 1602. Pass through mountain ranges, waterfalls, and lush coastal areas. Later, continue to Borgarnes’ southwest shore. Consider going on an optional tour of one of Borgarnes’s oldest homes this evening, and then eat dinner at The Settlement Centre restaurant, which features an exhibit about Iceland’s Settlement Era.

Day 9

Exploring Snæfellsjökull National Park

Visit Snaefellsjökull National Park, also referred to as the Jewel of West Iceland and home to the nation’s most well-known volcano, by traveling along the Snaefellsnes Peninsula. Experience the spectacular Snfellsjökull glacier in its pure natural setting. Admire the breathtaking scenery of Bir along the way, which includes a mix of sand hills, black lava fields, and a golden beach. Next, wander along Arnastapi’s coastal cliffs to admire the stunning environment and its distinctive column rock formations.

Day 10

Thingvellir and on to Reykjavík

To reach Thingvellir, travel south. On the Mid-Atlantic Ridge, where the North American and Eurasian tectonic plates collide, sits this unique UNESCO World Heritage Site. Look into Insight Choice to explore Reykjavik. Consider going to the Perlan Museum to see the unique Wonders of Iceland exhibition to appreciate Iceland’s natural beauty. Alternately, take a thrilling flight-ride across Iceland’s wonders with FlyOver to witness breath taking scenery including sweeping glaciers and fjords. You can also opt for an afternoon excursion to the Blue Lagoon, renowned for its mineral-rich waters. The best way to cap off your trip to one of the natural wonders of the world is with a celebratory dinner at a nearby restaurant.

Day 11


Your trip to Iceland comes to an end with a transfer to Keflavik Airport in Reykjavik. From here we continue our journey to Copenhagen Denmark to enjoy a relaxing city break before the luxury Norwegian cruise begins with Silversea.

Day 12-17

Copenhagen, Denmark

Effortlessly chic, Copenhagen epitomizes modern Scandinavian elegance. This city combines contemporary design and eco-friendliness seamlessly. Swim at Havnebadet Islands in the summer or explore the city on two wheels if you prefer. Don’t miss the iconic Little Mermaid statue, experience Danish “hygge” in cozy cafes with vintage lighting. Copenhagen is a beer lover’s paradise with a thriving craft brewing scene and offers culinary delights.

We will enjoy a 5 night break here before the Silversea cruise begins. Alternatively you can head up to Stockholm for a few days on the train if you prefer.

Day 18

Copenhagen, Denmark - Silversea, Silver Dawn Embarkation

Today you embark on this spectacular cruise. Have a look at the below to understand more about your journey with Silversea.

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Day 19

At Sea

At sea, you have the ideal chance to kick back, de-stress, and tend to those tasks you’ve been putting off. Whether it’s hitting the gym, indulging in spa treatments, spotting whales, diving into a good book, or soaking up the sun for that perfect tan, these peaceful days on the wide ocean offer the perfect contrast to the hustle and bustle of shore-side experiences.

Day 20

Stavanger, Norway

With a diverse international population and a youthful university influence, Stavanger is a vibrant highlight of Norway. A stroll down the colourful Øvre Holmegate street reveals candy-colored shops and cafes, and a waterfront stroll offers quaint charm.

Museums explore Stavanger’s industries and Viking heritage. Gamle Stavanger’s 173 white wooden houses with flowered facades provide a slice of preserved old Norway. Domkirken Cathedral, Norway’s oldest, stands since the 12th century.

Lysefjord, one of Norway’s most picturesque fjords, is drenched in Viking history. Cruise its waters or hike to the dramatic Preikestolen viewpoint. To see it from another perspective, why not soar into the skies on an unforgettable helicopter tour.

Day 21

Alesund, Norway

Decorative turrets, pastel buildings, and Art Nouveau charm grace Ålesund’s harbour, one of the world’s finest examples. Resplendent among colossal fjord scenery, this Norwegian town, rebuilt after a 1904 fire, is a historical treasure trove. Walk fairy-tale cobbled streets, reach Aksla Viewpoint for stunning panoramas, and savour buttery Norwegian pancakes. Ålesund’s maritime heritage brings fjord cod to your plate, with dried klipfish being a specialty, supplying two-thirds of the world’s share.

Day 22

Trondheim, Norway

Explore museums dedicated to Norway’s musical heritage and take in the natural beauty of central Norway and Trondheim Fjord. Bakklandet neighbourhood preserves a taste of the old city with traditional timber houses, vibrant wharves, and cobblestone streets bustling with cyclists, flowers, cafes, and curiosity shops.

Cross the Old Town bridge, Gamle Bybro, to reach the remarkable Nidaros Cathedral, a striking Gothic masterpiece with an emerald-green spire. You can even climb its tower for panoramic city views. Enjoy a tour on the world’s northernmost tram, Gråkallbanen, to soak in Trondheim’s beauty.

Day 23

Geiranger, Norway

Nestled at the end of the breathtaking Geiranger fjord, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Geiranger is a small village that swells with visitors during the summer. This stunning location offers a captivating base to explore the majestic fjord’s glory, including its famed Seven Sisters waterfall, The Suitor, and Bridal Veil Waterfall.

The fjord’s banks are dotted with abandoned farms, while you can experience life on a working cheese farm at Herdalssetra. Winding hairpin mountain roads reveal Europe’s highest fjord views, and Dalsnibba mountain provides awe-inspiring vistas from its 1,500-meter-high vantage point. This unique landscape of snow-capped peaks and vast fjords is sure to leave you utterly enchanted.

Day 24

Flåm, Norway

At the pinnacle of Norway’s natural beauty lies the all-inclusive village of Flam, nestled on the Sognefjord. This UNESCO World Heritage Site boasts glacial waterways, lush forests, and dramatic mountains. Thrill-seekers can take a fast and wet Zodiac tour, while others can savor the scenery from their ship’s deck.

Don’t miss the iconic Flam Railway, hailed as “the world’s most beautiful” train journey. It winds through steep paths, past towering mountains, and by cascading rivers and waterfalls, offering a nerve-tingling yet picturesque experience. Flam’s allure is boundless, making it a must-visit destination for nature lovers.

Day 24

Bergen, Norway

Bergen’s World Heritage waterfront, Bryggen, with its charmingly crooked, pastel-coloured warehouses, invites visitors to explore a city surrounded by Norway’s cinematic landscapes.

Behind the iconic warehouses, a maze of narrow alleyways and wooden boardwalks teems with artisan shops and galleries. Fløyen mountain offers panoramic views, accessible by a short hike or funicular ride. Witness the city bathed in golden sunset light in the evening.

Nearby Nærøyfjorden, deeply etched and iconic, offers an awe-inspiring cruise through narrow, imposing slopes. Sognefjord, Norway’s longest, boasts cascading waterfalls and vibrant summer farms. Bergen’s rich history and natural beauty make it a must-visit destination.

Day 25

Kristiansand, Norway

Kristiansand, Norway’s top summer destination, basks in the sun and provides a warm welcome to guests from Scandinavia and beyond. Posebyen Old Town is a lovely collection of floral-shaded timber homes, glistening with splashes of pink blossom and meticulously tended floral displays. 

The stunning Kilden Performing Arts Centre graces Kristiansand’s waterfront, a golden jewel of design where you can immerse yourself in a crescendo of music from the resident orchestra.

Crystal-clear waters, wooded hills, and the purest air await as you embark on local ferries that traverse the Norwegian Riviera. These ferries lead you to city beaches, tranquil islands, and charming fjords.

Day 26

Skagen, Denmark

While Copenhagen is a Danish gem, Skagen at the tip of the Jutland peninsula reveals another side of Denmark’s charm. This town, where the North Sea meets the Baltic Sea, offers Scandinavian allure, a thriving arts scene, and royal approval. Skagen boasts one of Europe’s most beautiful coastlines with white sandy beaches and vast forests.

The spectacular sunsets often prompt families to gather and applaud as the sun dips below the horizon. Skagen is also home to Denmark’s largest migrating dune, Rabjerg Mile. Fishing is integral to the local economy, with marinated herring and flavourful fish. Enjoy the catch with craft beer at the port, and savour the very best Skagen has to offer.

Day 27

Copenhagen, Denmark - Overnight Flight

Disembarking today from your cruise, we will head straight to catch your lunchtime flight and be back the following day.

Day 28

Arrive Home

Today you can arrive home, or alternatively break your trip up with a stop in Singapore along the way, or head somewhere else in Europe. (Additional costs apply)

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