Independent Exploration of Norway

18 Days – Various Dates

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This trip has been designed as both a holiday in its own right, and an add on to a holiday you may be planning to Europe. This was built in collaboration with some customers of ours who travelled in August 2023.

It encompasses many aspects of this amazing country, allowing you to travel on the scenic railways of the South, Cruise along the Fjords of the west, and the unique bridges that connect the Lofoten islands together in the North.

Across 18 days you will use a range of transport, some organised with set times, and others allowing you the freedom of independent travel. The hotels we have selected are boutique 5 stars where possible and the best 4 star options where there are no other choices. 

Let this 18 day Norway Exploration show you the beauty of Scandinavia.

Day 1-3

Oslo, Norway

We begin the journey with 2 nights in Norway’s capital Oslo, allowing you to arrive and settle in before embarking upon your exploration of Norway.

Known for its green spaces, museums, and being one of Europe’s most walkable cities, Oslo will offer everyone something different.

Day 3-4

Norway in a Nutshell tour, overnight Flam, Norway

This overnight trip offers you the opportunity to marvel at the magnificent natural wonders from the train’s window during some of Europe’s most exquisite train journeys. Breathe in the crisp fjord air of the Nærøyfjord from the deck of an electric boat, whilst enjoying the best of Western Norway’s fjords and mountains.

The journey encompasses several exceptional moments, including the renowned Flåmsbana, renowned as one of the world’s most stunning train rides, a captivating fjord cruise through Nærøyfjorden and Aurlandsfjorden, and the Nærøydalen valley, a UNESCO World Heritage Site in its own right. 

Optional extensions available, Photos courtesy of Fjord Tours

Day 4-6

Bergen, Norway

The ‘Heart of the Fjords’ is the second largest city in Norway, but despite it’s size, it still manages to retain it’s small town charm. Wandering down cobblestone streets, you will discover picturesque wharfs in a multitude of colours, museums, shops, galleries and amazing restaurants. Why not take a stroll down to the lively Fish Market and enjoy some freshly caught lunch, with seafood being the heart of Bergen Cuisine. Remember to pack your rain gear as Bergen does get around 200 days of rainfall per year.

Day 6-7

Overnight on Hurtigruten, Bergen to Alesund, Norway

This overnight ferry is a great way to get your from Bergen to Alesund without the need to visit another airport. The ship is simple with a choice of cabins available. You will wake up and sail into the stunning port of Alesund with the crisp fresh air blowing through your hair.

Day 7-9

Alesund Norway

Ålesund, renowned for its Art Nouveau architecture, stands as the cultural heart of the Sunnmøre region. After a tragic fire in 1904, the city was rebuilt showcasing some of Europe’s finest Art Nouveau designs, with the Art Nouveau Centre & the Art Museum KUBE offering insights into its history. Visitors can experience the city’s beauty by kayaking through the Brosundet canal or climbing the 418 steps to the Mount Aksla viewpoint for a panoramic view. At the summit, a restaurant and viewing platform await, with other ascent options like the Via Ferrata and Bytoget city train available.

Day 8

Geirangerfjord Tour

Included in this trip is a day trip from Alesund to Geirangerfjord. This is a must do trip and in the UNESCO-listed region of Fjord Norway, breathtaking views are a guarantee, whether you’re hiking or simply sightseeing. You can rent a kayak to immerse yourself amidst the grandeur of the towering mountains. The area also boasts numerous restaurants that serve dishes with a local touch, offering a unique taste of nature. For a hands-on experience, there’s even the option to pick your own food.

Day 9-11


Trondheim, Norway’s third-largest city, offers a rich tapestry of historical and cultural experiences. Central to its allure is the Nidaros Cathedral, not only an architectural marvel but also a significant European pilgrimage site. The city is home to several notable museums, including the Trondheim Art Museum, National Museum of Decorative Arts and Design, the 

Archbishop’s Palace, and Rockheim – the national museum for popular music. With a vibrant student population, Trondheim buzzes with energy, boasting live music, unique shops, and Bymarka, an expansive outdoor area perfect for walks and winter skiing. Indulge in the city’s commitment to local cuisine, and for more insights, visit Trondheim’s official website.

Day 11-17

Lofoten Islands, Norway

The final part of your journey sees you collect a car in Bodo, take the ferry across to the Lofoten Islands, and explore some of Norways most stunning countryside. Connected by a series of bridges, you will spend 2 nights each in Reine, Nusfjord and Ballstad so that you can take your time to explore the region. In Summer you can enjoy the midnight sun, and in winter you can snuggle up and watch the sky for the Northern Lights. From Hiking, to Kayaking, to Surfing, the Lofoten Islands are often regarded as the the highlight of their Norway adventur.

Day 17-18

Bodo, Norway

After taking the ferry back to Bodo, you can enjoy 1 more night before your internal flight back to Oslo. There are some great little trips to see local wild moose if you want to soak up that last little bit of amazing fresh air. Your itinerary includes a flight back to Oslo, but if you want to change this and continue the adventure, let your Travel Expert know and we can make that happen for you.

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