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30 Days – Various Dates

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Experience the best of Europe and the UK in style on this independent self-contained luxury itinerary, carefully crafted to capture the essence of each destination. Start your journey in the romance of Italy, marvel at the artistic wonders of Paris and Amsterdam and then dive into the vibrant cosmopolitan scenes of London and historical charm of York. Conclude your adventure in enchanting Edinburgh, where the rich history and contemporary culture come together for an unforgettable ending to your adventure.

This Itinerary offers a perfect balance between leisurely exploration and a comprehensive tour of Europe and the UK. Experience a pace that allows you to savour every moment while seamlessly covering a wide array of captivating destinations. 

This is the 5 star version in business class but take a look at our 4 star option too. We can mix and match to suit your preferences.

Day 1

Overnight Flight – Qatar Airways

Begin your trip with an unforgettable experience in the worlds best business class with Qatar Airways. Enjoy world class service while indulging in exquisite cuisine and in your private Qsuite business class cabin. We can also add on a stopover on Doha if you wish to explore Qatar and break up your flights on the journey home. Of course, if you prefer another airline we can accommodate your preferences and tailor the journey to meet your specific needs.

Day 2-5

Rome, Italy

Welcome to Rome, an enchanting city celebrated for its rich history and vibrant culture. Here, history comes alive, and art graces every corner.

Dedicate three nights to relishing all that Rome presents, including the Colosseum, an iconic amphitheatre that encapsulates the spirit of ancient grandeur. Wander through the echoes of time at the Roman Forum, once a bustling marketplace and the civic heart of this magnificent city. And be prepared to be captivated by the splendour of Vatican City, an independent sovereign state, and the esteemed guardian of St. Peter’s Basilica, the Vatican Museums, and the world-renowned Sistine Chapel.

Day 5-8

Florence, Italy

Arriving by train into Florence, an Italian jewel renowned for its art, architectural wonders, and a rich history.

Discover Florence’s enchanting attractions, from the Gothic Cathedral & Baptistry with Brunelleschi’s iconic dome and Ghiberti’s bronze doors, to the ancient charm of Ponte Vecchio, and the vibrant Santa Croce Square & Church.

Day 8-11

Cinque Terre, Italy

Embark on a scenic train journey from Florence to La Spezia, the gateway to the enchanting Cinque Terre. This coastal paradise boasts five charming, vividly hued villages clinging to the cliffs, inviting you to step into a dreamlike destination.

Within the embrace of the Cinque Terre, you’ll discover breathtaking vistas, a relaxed coastal lifestyle, extraordinary hiking trails, rich local history, and an atmosphere that exudes authenticity.

Day 11-13

Milan, Italy

Welcome to Milan, where fashion meets history. Milan is the fashion and design capital of Italy, it is dynamic and sophisticated with contemporary style and rich historical heritage. This bustling city is renowned for its world-class shopping, iconic landmarks, and artistic treasures.

Visit the beautiful grandeur of Milan Cathedral, and the world-renowned art collections at Pinacoteca di Brera.

Day 13-15

Venice, Italy

Today you will arrive into Venice via train, the floating city, it is a unique and magical destination that captivates travellers with its labyrinthine waterways and historic charm.

Venice is famous for its exquisite glass blowing and the intricate craftsmanship of Venetian masks, both of which offer captivating insights into the city’s artistic heritage.

Perhaps you would like to experience the romantic allure of Venice with a gondola ride through its iconic canals and savouring Venetian delicacies at a charming waterfront trattoria.

Day 15-18

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Next, take a short direct flight to Amsterdam, an enchanting and dynamic city renowned for its canals, historic splendor, and a diverse cultural landscape.

You will emerse yourself in Amsterdam’s rich history over a delightful 3 night stay.

Begin your journey by visiting the iconic Anne Frank House, where history comes to life, and then meander through the picturesque canals and trendy boutiques of the Jordaan district. Don’t forget to explore the Noordermarkt for some retail therapy and savour the rich flavours of Dutch cuisine. A must-visit is the Van Gogh Museum, where the brilliant works of the legendary artist await your admiration.

Day 18-21

Paris, France

As you board the sleek and modern Thalys train, you’ll be treated to the enchanting scenery of the European countryside. Watch as lush landscapes, charming villages, and idyllic fields pass by your window.

Paris invites you to get lost in its grand boulevards, to savour the delectable croissants and café au lait, and to immerse yourself in the artistic legacy that graces its galleries and museums. With every step, Paris reveals its timeless elegance and the irresistible allure.

Day 21-24

London, England

Arriving via Eurostar is a quick rail journey into London, the bustling capital of the United Kingdom, London is a city of rich history and cultural diversity making it a captivating destination to spend 3 nights exploring.

Visit Buckingham Palace, the British Museum with it’s vast collection of art, then take a leisurely stroll along the historic River Thames to experience the timeless charm of London.

Day 24-26

York, England

York seamlessly blends its rich history with a modern vibe, making it a captivating journey back in time. Don’t miss the architectural masterpiece of York Minster or the famous cobbled streets and timber-framed buildings of The Shambles for unique dining and shopping experiences.

Day 26-29

Edinburgh, Scottland

Conclude your journey in Edinburgh, the Scottish capital, a city that gracefully marries history and modernity. With a striking skyline featuring an ancient castle and contemporary urban architecture, Edinburgh is a captivating blend of the old and the new and the perfect way to end this unforgettable trip.

Day 29-30

Overnight Flight Home

Today you leave the UK and head home, once again in your private Qsuite with Qatar Airways with only 1 quick connection via Doha. You have the option to extend your trip further with a stopover on the way back.

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