APT Magnificent Europe River Cruise + Extension

27 Days – Various Dates

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Trip Style: River Cruise, Independent, Rail



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This trip is a fantastic and popular option that offers amazing opportunities to witness the diverse landscapes and cultures of Europe, as you meander through the picturesque Rhine, Main and Danube rivers. Not only do you have time to leisurely explore cities before and after your cruise with the extension, but you also have the opportunity to witness multiple cities and historic towns in a luxurious and comfortable way without the hassle of constant packing and unpacking. 

Your APT River Cruise is all-inclusive, with gourmet dining, beverages, guided excursions and entertainment on board, ensuring a stress-free and enriching vacation. Additionally, you’ll have the chance to visit iconic landmarks like medieval castles, charming villages, and vibrant capitals, all while enjoying breath taking views from your cruise ship. 

The leisurely pace of the journey allows you to truly immerse yourself in the local culture, making it a remarkable and unforgettable European adventure. 


Day 1

Overnight Flight

There are several options to choose from on your flight to Amsterdam. You will also have the option to add on a stopover along the way or upgrade to premium economy or business class.

Day 2-4

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Welcome to Amsterdam, a vibrant and picturesque city known for its canals, historic architecture and rich cultural tapestry waiting to be explored by travellers from around the world. After landing in this vibrant city enjoy 3 nights to explore the poignant history of Amsterdam before embarking on your luxury cruise. 

Visit the iconic Anne Frank House, stroll through the Jordaan district (known for its picturesque canals and trendy boutiques.) Stop by the Noordermerkt for some shopping. Taste the rich flavours of Dutch cuisine and explore the Van Gogh museum. 

Day 4-18

APT Rivercruise - Amsterdam to Budapest

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Since its inception in the roaring 1920s, APT has been a trendsetter in Australia’s illustrious travel landscape, designing luxurious odysseys for the discerning traveller. With APT, travel goes beyond mere sightseeing. Each journey unfolds with a touch of elegance, a testament to their award-winning legacy.

Their understanding of local nuances ensures travellers receive a perspective that’s easily missed. APT’s seasoned tour directors have a knack for unveiling hidden gems, offering unique access to the very soul of each destination. But the allure of APT doesn’t end there. Their culinary experiences are nothing short of epicurean adventures. Every dining choice is thoughtfully curated, transforming each meal into an unforgettable narrative. APT empowers travellers to embrace the world on their terms, allowing personalization in itineraries that blend culture, history, and cuisine. 

A pioneer in responsible tourism, APT is committed to sustainable travel practices, with initiatives like the OneTomorrow Charitable Fund leading the way. They prioritise the well-being of every traveller, maintaining stringent health protocols that set industry standards. The APT Club, their exclusive loyalty program, promises a suite of unparalleled benefits to members.  With APT, you don’t just travel, you embark on a journey of a lifetime.


Day 4

Amsterdam, Embark Ship

Meet up with your crew and get settled in on your luxury ship

Day 5


Spend today on your preferred activity. Enjoy a welcome gala dinner

Day 6

Andernach, Germany

Cruise through Germany. Disembark in Andernach and enjoy a Signature Experience here, a visit to Namedy castle where you can wander about the rooms and grounds, followed by a delightful cocktail gathering enhanced by the melodies of a pianist.

Day 7

Rudesheim, Germany

Cruise through the Rhine Gorge to Rudesheim and set out on your chosen activity. Which could entail a scenic gondola ride or visit to Siegfried’s Mechanical Musical Instrument Museum, or indulging in some delightful wine tasting.

Day 8

Miltenberg, Germany

Step ashore in Miltenberg and set out on a guided exploration before time at leisure.

Day 9

Wurzburg, Germany

You might consider making the most of the day by strolling to the 18th-century Wurzburg Residence, or if you prefer, you can opt to journey to Rothenburg or participate in a hike to Marienberg Fortress.

Day 10

Bamberg, Germany

Sail to Bamberg, where you’ll join a guided exploration with a local expert. 

Day 11

Nuremberg, Germany

Choose your own sightseeing activity. This afternoon continue to cruise through the main-danube canal. Having taken 32 years to construct the canal links the north and black seas.

Perhaps journey through Nuremberg’s world war ll sites or join a tour focused on Nuremberg’s medieval history.

Day 12

Regensburg, Germany

Discover Regensburg on your choice of activities. 

In Regensburg, explore its atmospheric World Heritage-listed city centre. With a history dating back to the Roman times, this incredible city was the first capital of Bavaria.

Day 13

Passau, Germany, Salzburg & Linz, Austria

Take a guided tour of Salzburg before a Signature experience.

Step into a rustic, traditional restaurant on the Gaisberg mountain overlooking Salzburg, where a Jagdhornblaser will greet you, offering a welcome drink, stunning scenery, a delectable lunch and a captivating “sound of music” show.

Day 14

Melk & Durnstein, Austria

Visit the statuary-adorned Melk Abbey. Then, it’s up to you how you get to the next port of call.

Embark on a Wachau Valley cruise, arriving in Durnstein to explore its charming cobblestone streets at your own pace, or opt for a guided bicycle tour along the river route from Melk to Durnstein.

Day 15

Vienna, Austria

Arrive in Vienna and set out on a city tour. Take in the city’s many landmarks along the Ringstrasse, as well as St Stephen’s Cathedral and then enjoy an afternoon at leisure to explore. This evening is set aside for your magical Signature Experience.  

Following dinner, make your way to Vienna’s City Palace, owned by the princely family of Liechtenstein, where we’ve organised an exclusive cocktail gathering and a private recital, tailored exclusively for you, featuring a full orchestra playing classical gems by Mozart and Strauss. Additionally, you’ll be captivated by an operatic performance and a presentation by select members of the Mozart boys choir. 

Day 16

Vienna, Austria

Set out on your choice of tours. This evening, set sail for Hungary. 

Perhaps visit the 1,441-room Schonburnn Palace and its gardens. Or tick off another country on your list and journey to Slovakia’s Bratislava. 

Day 17

Budapest, Hungary

Enjoy a city tour of Budapest taking in its historic monuments, including Fisherman’s Bastion and Heroes square

Day 18-20

Budapest, Hungary

Enjoy a leisurely 2 nights after you disembark from your cruise to unwind and visit Budapest at your own pace. Visit the stunning Buda Castle atop Castle Hill, offering panoramic views and housing several museums. Explore the enchanting Chain Bridge, a symbol of Budapest connecting Buda and Pest, and take a leisurely stroll along the scenic Danube Promenade, and immerse yourself in Budapest’s rich thermal culture by relaxing in the famous Szechenyi Thermal Bath, one of the most beautiful thermal baths in Europe.  

Day 20-22

Bratislava, Slovakia

Welcome to Bratislava, the charming capital of Slovakia. After arriving via the scenic rail journey you’ll discover a delightful blend of history, culture, and modernity. As you explore the city, you can visit the iconic Bratislava Castle overlooking the Danube River, stroll through the picturesque Old Town with its medieval streets and squares, and enjoy a relaxing walk along the riverbanks or take a scenic boat tour. Don’t forget to savour the local cuisine and hospitality in the city’s cosy cafes and restaurants. 

Day 22-24

Salzburg, Austria

Despite having visited Salzburg on the River Cruise, we think it deserves 2 nights on it’s own. Salzburg is Austria’s enchanting city nestled in the heart of the Alps. Here, you can immerse yourself in the musical legacy of Mozart, explore the splendid baroque architecture of the Salzburg Cathedral and the historic charm of the Getreidegasse, a bustling shopping street, all while enjoying the breathtaking Alpine scenery that surrounds the city. 

Day 24-26

Munich, Germany

Despite having visited Salzburg on the River Cruise, we think it deserves 2 nights on it’s own. Salzburg is Austria’s enchanting city nestled in the heart of the Alps. Here, you can immerse yourself in the musical legacy of Mozart, explore the splendid baroque architecture of the Salzburg Cathedral and the historic charm of the Getreidegasse, a bustling shopping street, all while enjoying the breathtaking Alpine scenery that surrounds the city. 

Day 26-27

Overnight Flight Home

Today we leave Europe and head home. You have the option to extend your trip further with a stopover on the way back.

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